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Take our premium Tasting Quiz and get ready to embark on a wine-filled adventure from the comfort of your own home. At the end of the Quiz, you will be able to select your preferred membership
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Explore our three unique membership tiers - Wanderer, Adventurer, and Explorer - each offering exciting benefits like personalized quarterly wine deliveries, exclusive access to virtual tastings, and more.


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59 CHF

Begin a delightful wine journey with 6 wine bottles hand-picked for you every quarter, plus:

  • Explore tasting notes and wine backgrounds.

  • Get a 5% discount on reorders, events, and merchandise.

  • Enjoy virtual tasting events.

  • Profit from 1 Re-Bottle each year (you can change a bottle whatever is the reason. For free.)


89 CHF

Dive into the world of wine exploration with 6 wine bottles especially curated for you every quarter, plus:

  • All the "Wanderer" Level features.

  • Enjoy a 10% discount on reorders, events, and merchandise.

  • Access an exclusive member-only monthly newsletter.

  • Profit from 2 Re-Bottle each year.


159 CHF

Reach the pinnacle of wine adventure with 6 rare and sought-after bottles specifically selected for you every quarter, plus:

  • All the "Adventurer" Level features.

  • Get a 15% discount on reorders, events, and merchandise.

  • Gain access to private virtual visits with selected producers.

  • Attend in-person events.

  • Enjoy exclusive member travel opportunities.

  • Profit from 3 Re-Bottle each year.

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I'm Francesco, 100% Made in Italy, and with an insatiable appetite for all things fermented and aged. My academic journey led me down the path of finance, and for a few years, I danced with financial journalism. But here's where the plot twist comes in.In 2012, I stumbled upon a world that would turn my life upside down. While chasing stories, I met incredible folks who were not just managing businesses; they were shaping the world through food and sustainability.In 2014, I moved to the USA with my future wife who was then in the final stages of her Ph.D., ready to explore life's vineyard. By 2017, we were back in Europe, yodeling in the Swiss Alps (well, not exactly, but you get the picture). Above all foods and beverages, cheese and wine waltzed into my heart. Switzerland was the land of cheese, but wine was the belle of the ball. I dove into the world of wine, completing my WSET Level 3 in Wine, and my passion ignited like a well-aged Nebbiolo.Wine isn't just a drink: it's a time-traveling, culture-shaping, life-altering elixir. Have you ever thought about how wine basically changed the course of history? From influencing food preservatives to the very trade routes that shaped our world since the Medieval Age, this liquid gold has a history as rich as a perfectly aged Bordeaux.In the grand scheme of things, my purpose is simple: sprinkle a little joy into people's lives. How? By helping people dive into the world of wine in the most approachable, down-to-earth way possible.But that's not all! Here at The Grape Escape, we're on a quest to uncover the hidden treasures of the wine world – ancient, rare, and unknown wines that deserve the spotlight. We're all about supporting the underdogs, the small-scale producers who pour their heart and soul into each bottle.So, if you're curious and want a wine adventure, join us at The Grape Escape. We'll help you embrace the extraordinary, one glass at a time.P.S. I promise there will be no wine snobbery here. Just good wine, good company, and good times.